MeetingMinutes 5 & 6

Taft class of 91
January 22nd, 2011
February 19, 2011
11:00 am
CP&Y, Inc. Office
Meeting called by:
Marisa Trevino Vergara
Type of meeting:
Planning Meeting 5
Emerson Easley, Michelle Rodriguez, Rick Ibarra, Cristela Gonzales Garcia, Marisa Trevino Vergara
Minutes and Action Items
20 Year Reunion - October 7, 8, 9, 2011. Save the Date!!

Meeting No. 5 & 6 concentrated on discussing the planning activities over the last two months and the upcoming alumni search and establishing the reunion budget. The last two months were slow due to the holidays but a few major milestones were met. The Taft Class of 91 has established a Tax ID number is a bank account with Citibank. The Reunion website is live for Alumni to sign up on and has basic pages and photos on the site. The Search Committee is in full swing and actively searching for Alumni and directing them to the website for sign up entry. We are currently asking for all Alumni Members help on this task. Special thanks to Emerson Easley for the website set up. It looks great. See below the summary of issues discussed, decisions made and the next month’s action items.
Taft Class of 91 Reunion Decisions Made:
1.      Website domain was selected based on preliminary research and Class of 1990 recommendation. This site has an annual cost of $100 and has the required features to sign up Alumni, easily manage and edit information, track statistics on Alumni Search and allow payment and direct deposit for the reunion activities.
2.      Tax ID and Bank account was established. Our account is with Citibank. We selected Citibank due to advising and help from Dora Trinidad, Class of 90. She held the Treasurer position for 1990 Reunion and is a Branch Manager at Citibank. She has advised us on Reunion financials over the past six months.
3.      The Search Committee is currently searching for Alumni. The process includes Facebook Group Friends, Search Engines and “pass the word on” approach. This task will be very difficult due to the class size. The committee’s goal is 100% contact with Alumni. This Committee has the greatest need for additional help. Alumni members are asked to contact any Planning Member if interested in helping with this task.
4.      The Saturday event location was selected. It will be held at the Rio Rio Cantina’s Estrela Banquet Room. It is over the restaurant in a private room that overlooks the Riverwalk. The committee is currently finalizing the budget for this event. The detail planning for this event will occur over the next month.
5.      The Family event will be held on Sunday at OP Schnabel Park. This will include a pavilion rental, food and hopefully activities for kids. The pavilion is adjacent to a kid’s jungle gym park. The school tour plans were canceled due to poor reception from Northside ISD.
Other Discussion Items
1.      Need help coming up with Sponsorship and Fundraising activities.
2.      Need more help for detailed event planning.
3.      Reunion Planning Goal - Must find/contact all Alumni Members.
See below the action items developed.
4.      All to continue to search for alumni interested in joining the Planning Committees. More help will be needed as fundraising and detailed planning activities start.
5.      Michele Rodriguez 
a.      Contact Steve Bazan for updates on the Reunion shirt design.
b.      Coordinate Facebook contacts with Search committee. Contact friends to join the website.
c.       Post next meeting event invite to Facebook.
d.      Contact DJ for options on costs.
6.      Cristela Gonzales
a.      Continue activities on Search Committee. Goal is to double website members by February and individually contact all members found to date.
7.      Rick Ibarra
a.      Continue activities on Search Committee. Goal is to double website members by February and individually contact all members found to date.
8.      Kendra Anderson
a.      No action items currently.
9.      Lisa O’Neill
a.      Send ideas on Alumni sponsorship setup.
b.      Create draft sponsorship sheet.
c.       Create volunteer spreadsheet. Marisa will send 1990 spreadsheet.
d.      Coordinate with Pete and David Jones on setting golf venue by January with budget details.
e.      Attend February Meeting when in San Antonio – confirm Feb 19th is ok.
10. Marisa Trevino
a.      Finalize details on Saturday night event with Lisa O and book venue with required deposit.
b.      Develop budget for Reunion events.
c.       Discuss fundraising and sponsorship plan with Lisa O.
d.      Contact Lisa Hampton for input on planning.
e.      Find 1991 yearbook (still MIA).
f.        Post minutes to website and Facebook update.
g.      Send volunteer 1990 spreadsheet to Lisa O.
11. Monique Tovar
a.      Contact Attorney for options on Non Profit Status (still pending)
12. Emerson Easley
a.      Contact Jennifer Greenwood about credit for website.
b.      Research and present findings on website payment details.
c.       Book picnic venue. Put down deposit if necessary.
13. Next Meeting – February 19th at CP&Y Office at 11 am.