Meeting Minutes 7


Taft Class 91 Reunion Meeting Minutes 7
Saturday, March 19th, 2011
CP&Y Office
I.                   Welcome
a.     Sign-in Sheet
b.     Facilities
II.                Update on Recent Planning Activities
a.     Communications Committee
                                                             i.      Billing setup – test complete. Go live at end of April. Alumni able to purchase tickets.
                                                           ii.      Home page March message – Marisa needs to update
                                                        iii.      Security of website – Marisa sent response to Stephanie U. At this point, only Committee has rights to page. All data is only for Reunion planning efforts.
b.     Treasurer Report
                                                             i.      Budget setup – complete. See attached.
                                                           ii.      CitiBank updates – Emerson and Marisa have checks. Emerson and Marisa deposited money into account.
c.      Search Committee
                                                             i.      Progress from last month - Compiled spreadsheet, Committee recruitment
                                                           ii.      Outreach next steps -
d.     Fundraising
                                                             i.      Sponsorships – will delay non-profit status until after the reunion. Join efforts with 1988, 1989, 1990
                                                           ii.      Donations – need to develop a letter for companies and Alumni business owners.
                                                        iii.      Event Silent Auction / Raffle – need to develop list of items and sale approach.
e.      Friday Evening Event – need to sign contract and place deposit by end of April
f.       Golf Event Update – need to finalize location by end of April
g.     Family Event
                                                             i.      Booking of Park complete. Restrictions include times of event, budget numbers submitted to Marisa
h.     Saturday Event
                                                             i.      Draft budget complete, need to finalize menu and place deposit.
                                                           ii.      Hotel Deals – need to book three hotel blocks.
                                                        iii.      Entertainment research – Michele to provide three names
                                                        iv.      Swag – TBD by committee. Need to follow theme.
III.             Action Items
a.     All
                                                             i.      Refer to attached timeline and action plan. This includes deadlines for upcoming activities.
                                                           ii.      Develop Theme
                                                        iii.      Develop Fundraising ideas
b.     Emerson
                                                             i.      Verify security of website. Inquire with webhost on Alumni inquiry.
                                                           ii.      Develop account monitoring and reporting spreadsheet for Treasurer updates (deadline – April 30th )
c.      Marisa
                                                             i.      Finalize reunion budget
                                                           ii.      Scan yearbook pictures and send to Michele
d.     Rick
                                                             i.      Schedule Search Committee meeting
                                                           ii.      Continue search committee efforts
e.      Lisa
                                                             i.      Develop action plan and schedule
                                                           ii.      Other action plan items
f.       Cristela
                                                             i.      Continue search committee efforts
g.     Michele
                                                             i.      Post reunion pictures in website for alumni accounts
                                                           ii.      Other action plan items