Meeting Minutes 3&4

Taft Class of 91
August 28th
October 2nd , 2010
11:00 am
CP&Y, Inc. Office
Meeting called by:
Marisa Trevino Vergara
Type of meeting:
Planning Meeting 3
Emerson Easley, Kendra Anderson, Michelle Rodriguez, Rick Ibarra, Cristela Gonzales Garcia, Marisa Trevino Vergara, Monique Sanchez Tovar, Lisa O’Neil Hill, Greg Marshall, Melody Niehaus Presley
Minutes and Action Items

Thanks to all who attended our 3rd and 4th meetings. I apologize for not sending out minutes sooner. I have summarized the last two meetings, posted survey results and posted action items below.
Meeting No. 3 concentrated on debriefing with the Class of 1990 Alumni members that planned the 1990 20th Year Reunion this last July. The event was a grand success and we wanted to learn as much to repeat the good and learn from the not so good. We also discussed the outcome of the 1991 Reunion survey posted to Alumni. This allowed Alumni input on event planning. Special thanks to Cristela Gonzales for posting the survey. See below the summary survey findings and decisions made based on survey.
Meeting No. 4 concentrated on discussing the upcoming Pre-Mixer to be held at the Taft Football Homecoming Game on October 6th and following a social at Buffalo Wild Wings at Loop 1604 and Culebra. Michele Rodriguez will be posting the section seating that we will gather at during the game later tonight on Facebook. We hope everyone can make it. In addition, we discussed our alumni searching, website setup, bank accounting, and details on the Friday Night Reunion Event research conducted by Lisa O’Neil. See details on action items below.

Taft 1991 Reunion Survey Results – August 28, 2010
1.     Are you planning on attending our 20 year high school reunion
a.     73 surveyed
b.    78% said yes or probably yes.
2.     What date(s) would you prefer the reunion to be on?
a.     July 1 – 3 2011 4th of July Weekend (15.2%)
b.    August 5 – 7 2011(39.1%)
c.     October 7 – 9 2011 Columbus Day Weekend (50.7%)
d.    Interesting comments: whatever reduces costs for facilities
3.     Which of the following are you interested in attending (top 5 choices)
a.     Friday night mixer 74%
b.    Saturday night mixer with drinks and snacks 60.3%
c.     Saturday night with meal 50.7%
d.    Saturday night casino night 46.6%
e.     Family tour of Taft with picnic 46.6%
4.     Ideally, you would prefer the reunion be:
a.     Two events: Friday and Saturday 46.8%
5.     What type of events are you most interested in:
a.     Very interested - Casual 87.3%
b.    Not interested – Semi Formal 53.2%
6.     What type of venue do you prefer
a.     Mixer – Restaurant / Bar
b.    Saturday Night – Hotel or Banquet Hall
c.     Family Event – Park or Dude Ranch
7.     58.3% will be coming from out of town
8.     How likely are you to attend with the following prices
a.     86.2% if less than $50 per attendee
b.    75% if $50 per attendee
c.     48.6% if $75 per attendee
d.    26.5% if $100 per attendee (33.8% definitely will not attend)
9.     When it comes to choosing a venue, which best describes how you feel:
a.     47.9% “I’m just going to say hello to everyone. Any place is ok for me.
b.    21.9% “I want and expect all three – great music, food and amazing place
10. Other interesting comments
a.     Combining accommodation and venues for events, kid activities
b.    Keep in mind, a lot of us have kids..
c.     Make as accessible for as many people as possible
d.    Family oriented activity
e.     Consider Military base for venue to cut cost
Taft 1991 Reunion Decisions Made – August 28, 2010
1.      20 Year Reunion will be held the weekend of October 7 – 9, 2011. Save the Date!!
2.      Events will include a Friday Night Bar Mixer, Saturday early afternoon Family Picnic, Saturday Night food, drinks and music to dance.
3.      Budget for events will stay around $50 per person for Saturday night event.
4.      Events will be relaxed atmosphere. No formal events - just pick a place to have a great party.
See below the action items developed.
1.      All to continue to search for alumni interested in joining the Planning Committees.
a.      Contact Marisa Trevino for more information on Planning Committee.
2.      Michele Rodriguez 
a.      Contact Steve Bazan for ideas on Reunion Logo for branding.
b.      Purchase football seats and determine area to meet at for upcoming mixer.
c.       Send a message to all Facebook members on the location to meet at.
d.      Send Kendra initial search findings to put in database by October 15th.
3.      Cristela Gonzales
a.      Contact Stephany Mackey for developing ideas on Reunion Logo for Branding.
4.      Rick Ibarra
a.      Find 1989 contact and debrief on Pedrotti’s. Contact is Dana Brunson.
5.      Kendra Anderson
a.      Finalize class listing database in excel file by November Meeting.
6.      Lisa O’Neill
a.      Talk with Michele Rodriguez to discuss alumni sponsorship options.
b.      Create draft sponsorship sheet.
c.       Create volunteer spreadsheet. Marisa will send 1990 spreadsheet.
d.      Coordinate with Pete and David Jones on setting golf venue by January with budget details.
e.      Contact Area 31 for Saturday Night Event option.
f.        Attend February Meeting when in San Antonio – confirm Feb 19th is ok.
7.      Marisa Trevino
a.      Schedule meeting with Taft HS Principal Family Tour Event.
b.      Get old yearbooks and video from Mom’s house.
c.       Send message to all our Facebook members on an update of today’s meeting.
d.      Set up Project Wise shared folder account.
e.      Call Dora and set up Citi Bank account.
f.        Obtain quotes for Saturday Night Event.
g.      Send 1990 spreadsheet to Lisa O.
8.      Monique Tovar
a.      Contact Attorney for options on Non Profit Status
9.      Emerson Easley
a.      Post next meeting event invite to Facebook.
b.      Contact Jennifer Greenwood about credit for website.
c.       Set up website account by November 6th and show to committee members at next meeting.
10. Next Meeting – November 6th at CP&Y Office at 11 am.