Meeting Minutes 1&2

Taft Class of 91
June 26, 2010
11:00 am
CP&Y, Inc. Office
Meeting called by:
Marisa Trevino Vergara
Type of meeting:
Planning Meeting 2
Emerson Easley, Kendra Anderson, Michelle Rodriguez, Rick Ibarra, Cristela Gonzales, Marisa Trevino
Minutes and Action Items

Thanks to all who attended. The meeting concentrated on discussing meeting venues, preparing a survey to classmates on preferences for events and ramping up the search for classmates and best communication methods. See below the action items developed.
1.      All Committee members and other interested in joining.
a.      Ask around for website setup options.
b.      Get folks to join Facebook and do our survey.
c.       Contact Marisa Trevino for more information on Planning Committee.
2.      Michele Rodriguez 
a.      Visit Maverick Library on Bandera and Guilbeau to see if a good fit for next meeting. Verify if wireless available and meeting area to talk. See if reservation is required. Schedule meeting with library upon confirmation from Marisa
b.      Research our Facebook Group site for limitations on posting minutes, notifying people of messages, event posting, etc. Make a recommendation to the committee on whether a specific Facebook account is necessary.
c.       Start contacting people through Facebook and invite them to join our group site.
d.      Coordinate with Allen Cullum on Skype set up options.
e.      Debrief with Cathy and Jenna (1990) and brief at next meeting.
f.        Contact Steve Bazan for ideas on website.
3.      Cristela Gonzales
a.      Develop survey for Facebook members and post to our Group site.
b.      Prepare briefing on survey results and post to our Group site.
4.      Rick Ibarra
a.      Convert PDF to excel file.
b.      Send file to Kendra to clean up and organized for “found” or “not found” categories
c.       Find 1989 contact and debrief on Pedrotti’s. Contact is Dana Brunson.
5.      Kendra Anderson
a.      Organize class listing in excel file.
6.      Lisa O’Neill
a.      Provide committee input on Friday night event options.
b.      Confirm if visiting San Antonio in August.
7.      Marisa Trevino
a.      Get in contact with Lisa O’Neil to verify scheduled trip to San Antonio. Verify if August 14th is good date for next meeting.
b.      Contact Jennifer Hafner to schedule a time to meet and debrief on Taft 1990 reunion. Questions to debrief on include class member search, website development, finances and banking, mixers, communications, etc. Sign up to attend Taft 1990 reunion.
c.       Meet with Taft HS Administrator on Family Tour options.
d.      Develop Committee Descriptions and post to Facebook.
e.      Get old yearbooks and video from Mom’s house.
f.        Send message to all our Facebook members on an update of today’s meeting.
8.      Emerson Easley
a.      Convert Class video to CD
b.      Continue to gather photos / videos / updates from classmates.
c.       Post minutes and next meeting event invite to Facebook.
9.      Next Meeting – Tentative mid August.